Frankie Lovato's 365 Days of Racing Term Videos

About the 365 Day Series!

A Passion to Share Knowledge

Frankie Lovato vowed to create 365 racing terminology videos for everyday of the year, 2013. This was an effort to better educate racing fans and bring awareness to Jockey World and our mission. Please watch and share with friends to support Frankie in his mission!

"There are also many misconceptions in horse racing and many potential fans could enjoy the sport better. I love to explain the things that will help open up people's minds and answer many wonders in the world of horse racing that will offer a greater appreciation and understanding of the industry. This will help bring more fans and enjoyment to the sport of horse racing." - Frankie Lovato Jr -

(photo- Frankie Lovato makes presentation on horse racing to new fans at Equine Affaire Columbus, Ohio)

Frankie Lovato Jr - Former Eclipse Award-winning jockey, creator of the Equicizer, a mechanical horse used world-wide for training, exercise and therapy. Also founder of Jockey World, Jockey Camp and Jockey World Radio, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving, promoting and providing more education, health and safety in the world of horse racing. 

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Frankie Lovato talks about completing the 365 Day Term Video Series marathon on HRTV December 18th 2013

Frankie Lovato's 365 Days of Racing Term Videos


In an effort to better educate racing fans and those who aspire to work in the Thoroughbred racing industry, retired Eclipse Award-winning jockey Frank Lovato, Jr. has produced a "365 Days of Racing Terminology" video series. This endeavor is one of the largest Lovato has tackled in demonstrating the mission of his new nonprofit organization, Jockey, which is to provide education and promote safety in the racing world.

The project required Lovato to write and create a video every day of the year, each one explaining and illustrating a term or phrase pertinent to the sport of racing. "My idea behind this series was to offer a fun way to learn more about the world of horse racing, and this is all a part of my mission with our Jockey World organization. I decided to commit myself to taking a term every single day of the year and bringing it to life, embellishing on it, adding photos and video," Lovato stated. "I believe the better you understand something, the better chance you will enjoy it, and this brings us all together to share our love for horses and horse racing. The response has been amazing. Fans from all over the world have been responding on social media, and the series will always be available for the public to refer to and enjoy forever."

The videos are very well done and use photos, video, and drawings along with the narration to not only define but demonstrate the terms. This is a great resource for any racing fan and will do a lot to further the job of educating people about horse racing and the complete series is available free of charge to viewers.

Here are all 365 terms with a link to their video. You can view more about the project at JockeyWorld as well a find links to their YouTube playlists.

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