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I thought I bought a racehorse...
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It has been awhile since I have blogged with studying,and working "Princess Storm" giving lessons ...well you get it. Some time ago I thought I bought a racehorse...only to discover I think she bought me hook line and sinker! The thoroughbred filly that owns me lets me know on an hourly basis just how inept I am. She makes sure I get up early  freeze my butt off and tote hot water down the stairs to warm her breakfast, then she allows me to groom her....maybe ..maybe not,  she tells me when the jockey is here and that she much prefers him to me and then she might allow me to eat breakfast while she is eating lunch. I learned this because as the other day she began screaming as loud as she could and I jumped to her call "oh crap " I said to myself "it must be noon" well actually it was 12:09! I was late!!. My boss (princess storm) then informed me that I had slighted her some grain as I am just looking out for her figure and cut a portion of her feed down... oh no no no we can not have that so she proceeded to circle her stall and bite her bucket refusing to eat hay until her full portion was replaced!!! I'm not making this stuff up!! so I now  have to be much more sly about portion control. It's a joke in the barn if I am spending too much time somewhere else in the barn and she hears my voice she starts screaming!!! they all laugh and say" the boss is calling you" this is expressed in many languages other than english , yes I am an international joke of the racing world.  My  girl will scream when it is time to go out or time to come in on her day off and God forbid I let her stay out in her pasture to close to dinner time on her off days!!!! ohhhh nooo , I not only get chastised for that , but she will try to out muscle me  which is quite hilarious to everyone but me.

But really I adore her, we have come along long way, when she gets freaked out, it is me she trusts. She can be a handful, but she is so awsome to watch on the track, she is big and gorgeous and athletic and fast! I adore this nutball thoroughbred she has had my heart since the very minute I layed eyes on her...I thought I bought a racehorse, but I really bought the greatest most fantastic expensive time consuming back breaking all encompassing job  that I dreamed about my whole life... and I LOVE EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT!!!!!   kiss kiss love love to my Princess Storm


Whatch out world ...Here we come!
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I have been dreaming this dream for as long as I can remember, every time someone would ask me "what is your dream job" or "what would you do if you won the lotto" it was always the same thing "I would have a stable of racehorses". Well after 27 years as a critical care paramedic a great BIG case of burn out and figuring out you have to actually play the lotto to win...I decided  IT IS TIME.  So I bought a race horse.

Now I am not new to racing,my Father was trainer. I grew up around the horses and the track. Being a kid I was more interested in riding my own horses,but really LOVED racing. I remember getting so excited watching them turn the  corner to the straightaway feeling the pounding under your feet, while everyone else was up in the stands or the box I would position myself right down at the perfect spot where when the horses come around that 2nd turn for a split second it looks as if they are running right at you...FANTASTIC!!

So I grow up my parents MADE me go to College I made a career for myself I was the second female paramedic in Texas at that time, it  wasn't easy and the men did NOT want me there, but all it did was make me even more determined. As I climbed the ranks I found that because I was smart, strong and fair that I was more than just accepted I was respected.

I built a life raised my daughter ,and the whole time in that quiet place in your mind where you hide your real dreams, I just kept thinking and dreaming about being a trainer...but ...that only happens to other people ...right?  With daughter in college,married and on her own...NOW is my time. So here I am living at a training barn,in a studio apt. in the barn.  The men disrespect me pretty much every day,sometimes multiple times. I have learned alot...I have learned alot about what I will never do. They think they will chase me away...but they have no idea anything they can dish has already been done to me so I'm always furlongs ahead!! HA HA HA.

As I look at the JW camp pictures I see I am in good company, I may not be a jockey but some day ladies I hope each and every one of you gets to ride and win on my horses. I dream that we will all be up there getting great big fat checks, and plenty of eclipse awards!!! Hey I always say DREAM BIG OR DON'T BOTHER!!  I am so excited to finally be making my biggest dream come true!  and can not imagine doing anything, anything else in the world. I love these animals I love this sport I love the way science mixes with old school to make an absolute athlete. I love the way women are finally really stepping up more than ever to make their mark on the sport of kings!  yea!!! WHATCH OUT WORLD HERE WE COME!!! I hope to meet each and every one of you at the track!!!




Another day closer to being a jockey- Dec. 15, 2011
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Tags: experiences passion horse racing jockey work out love Michaela Heair horse life run

     Hi everyone! I know it has been way too long, but I have a perfect explanation! Well, I was living with my sister in Jasper, Alabama, but things with her went downhill, so I moved back to Mom's. She doesn't have internet access, so for the past almost 2 months I haven't been able to get on here. I have to say, ever since I have been back, things have been great! I'm so happy now. All the members of JW have got to catch up with me, and let me know how you all have been doing! It feels like it has been forever. I'll let you in on how things have been going on this side of the woods lately.

     Recently, things have been going really well. Ofcourse, I am still working out and heading towards being a jockey! I still weigh 108 pounds, but heading towards 105! I'm soon going to be sending out my application for NARA, which is soooo exciting! I have a great feeling, who knows maybe it will prove to be right :) It's starting to hit Mom though, and she is letting it show. She is terrified that her baby girl is going to get hurt one of these days. Atleast, she is still just as supportive as anyone else! It makes me feel great to know she just wants what makes me happy, and what I have the drive and passion for every day. It shows she cares for my well being and emotional health...On the other hand, there is sooo much horse racing to catch up on! Everyone is talking about the Eclipse award now! :) and horse of the year! What about Killer Grace in the Hollywood Starlet?! WOW, weird thing is I was watching HRTV a couple days before the race, and 2 of the analysts were having an argument over her lol :) She proved em' wrong!

    Hopefully, things will gradually get back to where I can update these blogs once to two times a week like I was. We will see :)  

An Inspiration On and Off the Track: Chris McCarron
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The racing industry is constantly searching for positive signs for what lies ahead. One encouraging indication is Chris McCarron’s North American Racing Academy, which gives horse racing’s future jockeys, trainers, and industry workers an in-depth, hands-on, high-quality education in the sport of Thoroughbred horse racing. It is inspiring to see someone such as the highly acclaimed Hall of Fame rider, Chris McCarron, continue to work passionately to improve the sport.



Riding With A Purpose
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​What does riding mean to you? Why do you ride? What is the purpose of riding? 

Today I have a completely different outlook on a simple everyday blessing for me- riding.

I used to ride because I felt "free" and loved the "independence" of just a horse and rider moving in unison. Riding was always exhilarating. Riding had a magical charm for me, that whatever was going on in my life I could simply ride and it would melt into ordinary circumstances that were sizable to defeat.  Riding was something so dear to me, I couldn't imagine living without riding and horses. I rode for myself, I rode for what I loved, and I rode because riding made me happy. (Kind of a lame reason, huh?)

​Yesterday morning I still was thinking of riding in those terms.... until....

My friend, Debi Ernst, who helped train me and my horse to work together as a team, who was a horse trainer at my ranch, passed away yesterday morning when she fell off her horse and broke her neck. She was just going to go out for a simple ride. Did she know it was going to be her last? A man who lived across the road found her horse loose in his front yard. They found her body soon after and her neck was snapped in two. She died alone and they say it was quick.

Her death is incredible to understand. But it started me thinking. What if it had been me? What if it was MY horse the man found and MY body dead? If riding is obviously so dangerous why do you ride? Why not be content petting a horse in a pasture? Why do you have to get on it's back and race around?......... Why? The Answer: Because in riding we all taste a piece of heaven that my friend is now enjoying for eternity. 

​I decided that I can't give up riding. But I'm not going to ride just for myself. I'm going to ride for a purpose. I ride for all my family and friends who believe in me and are counting down the days until I win the Kentucky Derby. I ride for Mrs. Ernst. I ride for all the people who have never been able to live their dream. I ride for the Glory and Honor of God.

​Ride with a Purpose. What is your purpose?


​Rest in Peace, Mrs. Ernst. We will never forget all you have done to make us the horse and rider we are today. We love you, Elle and Ash

The Young Shall Prosper: Joseph O'Brien
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The Young Shall Prosper:  Joseph O'Brien

Thoroughbred Horse Racing
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Tags: THOROUGHBRED HORSE RACING jockeys equine.racetrack

Hi there new Thoroughbred Racing ,FB Friend  It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm an administrator & the creator of  "Thoroughbred Horse Racing" on FLICKR, YOUTUBE & FB with over 23,000 pictures from around the world, more pictures added hourly, of life from different tracks all over the World, of people, their Race horses, and their lives creating incredible possibilities, as we've seen as of late With the likes of Barbaro, Rachel Alexandra, and of course Zenyatta. All have been documented very well, and many pictures here and elsewhere will forever recapture our memories for us and create social and regional playground that we may all Participate in ,for and with the  generations of great horses,and fantastic people that dedicate there lives,knowledge at very great risk ,with A game where 90% wont do, And 10% is tough to earn, There is a very long history and tradition. And , I created the page with the belief that it is as close  as possibly be of seeing of a type of evolving  HISTORY TIME MACHINE as many thousands of pictures,Video's,Blogs,Websites,Ect.., We as a group of individuals  can create and post uncountable tiny milliseconds of our live's  a very brief moment in  time , a photo that none of us were aware of or may never have been able to imagine or dream,,and it is a repository,,,to store HISTORY hopefully forever and may many future  generations of thoroughbred racing fans. This is for all of us to enjoy and remember OUR life as a memory of pictures doing what we all love and live for every day. Besides you never have to really retire in racing you just find different avenues to discover, of course great wonderful generous people like our Small Following post great pictures for the rest of us Thoroughbred Horse Racing Owner's,Trainer's,Grooms,Artist,fans,to visit from time to time To see the very best and the biggest picture collection .Please Show us what you have done ,are doing , or have dreams of. All racing related stuff accepted please take a moment of your live to enjoy and maybe join the #3 groups and post your stable or favorite  horse pictures,links ,,Ect All are more than welcome. Enjoy. 
1,The Thoroughbred Horse Racing Group and 2, The FanPage are different but join both on Facebook  (links are on my profile page), And on My Webpage link below as well as the Flickr .photo group. I look forward to chatting as FB friends.... and see your great photos on thoroughbred horse racing related anything ?
I personaly  use a real great web browser plugin is my favorite and best way  way to view this groups massive amount of photos
"Racehorses in the PROPER HANDS isn't EXPENSIVE,,its PRICELESS" 
Sincerely James Wood ,,AKA Banamine on the web   Careful custodian of one of lives greatest treasures thoroughbred horse racing. 



This link is for me and my horse for my journal that what we have been doing, sorry it isn't much.

Bunny at the Breeders' Cup! Final Day
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Bunny at the Breeders' Cup!  Final Day

Bunny at the Breeders' Cup!
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Bunny at the Breeders' Cup!  Schooling


Bunny at the Breeders' Cup!  Uncle Mo Says, "I'm Gonna Win!"


Bunny at the Breeders' Cup!  Goldikova Tuesday Works


Bunny at the Breeders' Cup Video Blogs
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Bunny at the Breeders' Cup!  Day One


Bunny at the Breeders' Cup!  Working Girl


Bunny at the Breeders' Cup!  Havre de Grace


Bunny at the Breeders' Cup!  Day Three


Bunny at the Breeders' Cup!  Union Rags Tuesday Works

Another day closer to being a jockey-Oct. 12, 2011
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Tags: experiences passion horse racing jockey work out love Michaela Heair horse life run

   Hi, everyone! Things have been going just as planned this past week! Nothing really hasn't worked out in my favor, I have lost another 3 pounds! That's another goal that has been reached, plus I can tell my core is getting firmer and more definite. I can see why they say jockeys are the most fittest athletes! I'm not even a jockey yet and I'm fit, so just imagine how much more fit I will be when I start riding the thoroughbreds. :) Kickboxing has been helping a tremendous load with building more strength up in my leg and hip area. There isn't a day that goes by that there isn't a bruise on my legs, lol. Also, the zumba instructor for class, is going to be certified for toning, that will help build more lean muscle. Much more to come, because the week at the gym has just started. I will more than likely go to the gym today, and work on some cardio/core workouts.
   School wise--Everything is going smooth! I am finishing up my 2nd quarters work today. I am 1 quarter ahead than every one else and still making straight A's! I'm proud of myself for the things I am achieving in school. Thursday my sister and I have to go t Cullman, Alabama, to get my 3rd quarters work. So, in 2 months I will be a junior! It all feels like it is going by so fast from doing double sometimes triple the amount of school work I am supposed to be doing. It will all pay off in the long run though, people will look highly on someone that tries their hardest in education. When I enter my junior year in December, I am going to begin studying for the ACT, take a couple months to study for it, then when I am confident I will take it. Kentucky and NARA is getting closer and closer, patience is the key though.. I'm just ready to go achieve my goals and earn what I want. It's like this brain is programmed to 1. School 2. Staying fit/working towards being a jockey 3. Boyfriend (Allen)/Family 4. Getting what I have to get done.

Things will all fall into place! I keep telling myself that :)

  Daisy's training--She has made so much improvement! She just isn't fond of anyone but me riding her, she will have to move past that phase. The other day, a couple friends were over, and we tacked her up and rode. She cooperated a little better with someone else on her, which is a start, but still is doing 10 times better with me in the saddle. Can anyone give me advice on how to get her more comfortable with other riders, too? Or, is this something that it's just her and will take time for her to gain confidence in other riders besides me? Also, I have noticed she does even better when it is just her and one else around. For instance, the other day everyone was gone to town, and I got the notion to want to ride. I went and got all the tack, then brought her up and tacked her up..we went to the pasture and she was a total DREAM! That was the best ride I have had on her, and then I rode her once again with a couple people around, and she wasn't as confident herself. It will take time, but I know when she is done with training she will make an experienced rider a great potential work horse. Time and patience with good training will tell :)

   Well, I have got to go feed my husky and horses, I hope everyone is having a great day! If anyone has any advice on how I can fix these couple problems with Daisy's training(I've never dealt with a horse that does great with just one rider and skittish with others), please comment and say what's on your mind! I am willing to try anything that is not harmful to the horse :) Thanks for reading this weeks blog!


--Michaela Ann Heair

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